Save on Energy During the Cooler Months

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As the weather starts to get colder, we’re here to help you find ways to save on your energy costs. Read on for some important advice to follow this fall and winter.

Preparing Your Home

There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. With these simple tips, you can save on electric costs in the cooler months ahead:

  • Take advantage of our rebates on energy-efficient appliances and products:
    • Thermostat: Claim a $50 rebate on the purchase of a connected (smart) thermostat. Installing one enables you to control the temperature in your home when you’re away.
    • Furnace: Claim a $100 rebate on the purchase of a furnace with a variable speed motor. 
  • Turn down your thermostat. You can save up to 10% on your heating bills by simply turning your thermostat down 7-10°F for eight hours.
  • Complete a heating system tune-up. Learn how by watching this video.
  • Clean or replace your air filters. Heating and cooling consume the most energy in the average home (up to 50%). By cleaning or replacing your filters, you can lower your heating and cooling use by up to 15%.
  • Open your curtains. Something as simple as opening the blinds/curtains to your windows will bring in natural light and warmth to your home.

Monitoring Your Energy Usage

Monitoring the increases and decreases in your energy consumption throughout the day can help you pinpoint when and how you are using the most energy. To save more, consider turning off your lights, TV and other devices when you leave a room.

To track your energy usage, log in to our website or mobile app.


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