Duquesne Light Sponsors PA One Call Safety Day Conference

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On Sept. 19, DLC sponsored the annual PA One Call Safety Day Conference at Pittsburgh International Airport. The day-long forum invited stakeholders to learn more about the PA One Call system, which allows customers to call a single, toll-free number to alert all appropriate utilities about digging projects.

Learning sessions, exhibition booths and various demonstrations emphasized and taught safe-digging practices as well as the importance of protecting critical underground infrastructure. In addition to being a sponsor of the conference, DLC also had two booths staffed by our Operations employees, which featured a variety of information for those who were interested in learning more about Duquesne Light’s underground identification process. ​ 

“Many of our customers and other stakeholders never see the ‘behind the scenes’ work completed by DLC’s Underground department,” said Kylie Parison, Supervisor, Underground, One Call Office. “This conference was a great opportunity for us to educate others about our processes as well as the PA One Call system. The more we demonstrate and teach the importance of safe digging, the more we can prevent accidents from happening.”

More than 700 people attended, including construction contractors and workers, municipal personnel, gas, water and electric utility employees, public officials, emergency responders and other professionals who excavate to complete their jobs.

The Company also provided demonstrations of the “Juicer,” which is comprised of small utility poles connected by actual power lines and a transformer. This training device is used to educate area fire departments and first responders about working safely near electric lines ​ In addition, the “Juicer” can replicate what may happen if a homeowner were to hook up to a generator in their home without disconnecting the main power first.

To learn more about the PA One Call System, visit the following link.

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