Duquesne Light Company Receives SOLVE IT Prize to Aid Local Community’s Innovative Energy Solutions 

$80,000 federal grant will address clean energy needs and evaluate opportunities for Pittsburgh’s Sharpsburg community 

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) was recently named a Phase 1 winner of the Solutions for Lasting, Viable Energy Infrastructure Technologies (SOLVE IT) Prize by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions, Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations and Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. DLC’s submission is among 28 nationwide projects selected by the DOE as a Phase 1 winner. The company received an $80,000 federal grant to address the clean energy needs of Pittsburgh’s Sharpsburg community. 

 In the initial phase (Embark), DLC identified Sharpsburg as a community facing energy challenges. A historic suburb about five miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Sharpsburg was once home to thriving steel and glass industries. Deindustrialization has left a shrinking population where nearly a quarter of residents live under the federal poverty line. DLC was awarded $80,000 and advancement into Phase 2 (Engage), where the DLC team — comprised of innovation, transportation electrification, and environmental, social and governance specialists — will work with Sharpsburg to identify innovative clean energy solutions and support the borough’s clean, independent energy future. ​ 

“Sustainability is a key component to the long-term growth and resiliency of Sharpsburg,” said Christine DeRunk, the borough’s manager. “We are thrilled by the opportunity and attention the DOE is providing to our community and look forward to engaging with DLC to work toward a clean

Sharpsburg is an ideal partner for the SOLVE IT Prize challenge because of the borough’s established climate action plan, clean energy commitments and understanding of the community’s unique energy challenges. DLC and the borough share a vision for a more sustainable future and, by supporting innovative energy solutions, the company continues advancing strategies that assist the regional transition to a clean energy future for all. 

“Collaborating with Sharpsburg to plan for the type of community they want to grow into is the exact type of meaningful partnership we want to be a part of,” said Josh Gould, DLC’s director of innovation and strategic planning. “DLC is here to power resilient, sustainable Pittsburgh communities and support clean energy growth in ways that benefit all customers. The SOLVE IT Prize challenge will allow us to help Sharpsburg meet their clean energy goals while promoting resiliency and affordability for their 3,000 residents.” 

If DLC is chosen to be one of 10 winners to advance to Phase 3 (Establish), the company would receive an additional $150,000 to develop implementation plans for solutions identified in Phase 2. Winners from the final phase will be awarded $500,000 to continue sustainable energy efforts in local communities.   













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About Duquesne Light Company

For more than 100 years, Duquesne Light Company has provided safe and reliable electric service to communities in southwestern Pennsylvania. Today, our core values of safety, integrity, dependability, equity and community enable us to serve more than 600,000 customers in two counties, including the city of Pittsburgh. We are committed to safely powering our customers’ lives while playing a leading role in our region’s clean energy transition. Our vision is to create a larger-than-light, clean energy future for all by delivering exceptional results today and boldly harnessing opportunities for tomorrow. In doing so, we can ensure a cleaner, healthier and more equitable community for generations to come.


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