DLC Highlights Its Residential Rebates During Energy Awareness Month

DLC Highlights Its Residential Rebates During Energy Awareness Month

Rebates Available to DLC Customers on Energy-Saving Devices

PITTSBURGH – During Energy Awareness Month, Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is encouraging customers to take advantage of its residential rebates on energy efficient devices to save money and conserve energy in their homes.

“We want to make conserving energy as easy as possible for our customers,” said Dave Defide, Senior Manager, Customer Programs, Duquesne Light. “Our rebates help offset the upfront cost of energy efficient appliances, making it easier for customers to purchase the best appliances for continued cost and energy savings.”

Duquesne Light provides rebates on a wide range of energy-saving devices, such as air conditioners, thermostats, occupancy sensors, dehumidifiers, insulation and furnaces. Customers can compare and purchase many of these products online through DLC’s Energy-Efficient Marketplace, where product rebates can be applied instantly at the point of purchase.

Customers purchasing energy-saving devices from other retailers can claim their rebate by completing an online rebate form.

Rebate amounts vary based on the type and expense of the product. A full listing of eligible products can be found in the rebate catalog on DLCWattChoices.com/ResidentialRebates, where full terms and conditions and answers to frequently asked questions for the program can also be found. Rebates are available until May 31, 2021 or until funds run out.

In addition to the residential rebates, Duquesne Light’s Watt Choices program offers an online home energy audit that enables residential customers to obtain instant energy-saving options. The customized audit summary provides customers with energy-saving advice, including which of DLC’s rebated items will best help reduce their home energy use.

To view all of DLC’s Watt Choices programs and resources for conserving energy, please visit DuquesneLight.com/Watt-Choices.

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