Avoid Fines — Don’t Post Signs on Utility Poles


Posting signs on a utility pole may seem harmless, but it actually presents a significant safety hazard to our lineworkers and other utility employees who may be working on or near the poles. Oftentimes, people use nails and other sharp objects to hang signs, which is a summary offense in Pennsylvania and often further prohibited at the municipality level because of the harm it can cause.

Nails, staples and other sharp tacks can injure our lineworkers and other utility workers who may be climbing or working near utility poles. They can also tear our lineworkers’ rubber equipment, which helps protect them from electrical shock.

Read Section 6905 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code regarding the offense of driving nails, tacks and other hard substances into utility poles. This action could lead to fines, so it’s important to protect yourself as well as others.

We value the safety of our employees and customers above all else, so be sure not to hang signs of any type to utility poles without prior approval.

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